My 2014 was…

1. Bali
We went to Bali this summer.
It was our fabulous memory and the happiest time in my life.

2. Friends
I made special friends.
I wanna make good time next year with them.

3. Love
This year was really hard for me.
I tried to think about the good way many times, actually I still think now.
However, I believe that I will be happy here forever.

4. Self-improvement
Some reading helped me.
I know I am not strong, but I want to live happily, so just I study.
It makes me change, and I will be able to love myself more next year.

5. English
I got into the habit of studying English.

6. Job
I will just finish my second year on March, 2015.
I wanna praise me.

7. Hobby
I started some hobbies. Geochasheing, taking photo…

8. idolm@ster’s movie
It gave me power.

9. Interstellar
I wanna watch again and again.

10. Dorian Concept’s album and live
I can’t explain my feeling exactly, but if I remember his live, I can feel my life is shining.

My 2015 will be…

1. English
I wanna get 100 points more on TOEIC.

2. Moving
We will get a new room.

3. Song
I wanna make some songs and try collaboration.

Recently, I think “If I try to be happy, I can be happy”.
I will enjoy my life next year.


Tozen Temple and Hondo Temple

We went to Tozen Temple (東漸寺) and Hondo temple (本土寺) today.

The both Tozen temple and Hondo Temple are in Matudo city, near Kitakogane station.
We live in Matsudo city, so we went there by bicycle.

Tozen Temple has one way to the temple, but you can enjoy the gates and trees.
There are Japanese maples, so it was so beautiful way.



Then, Hondo Temple is so big temple!
I didn’t know about that, so was surprised!






On the way to temple, it was quite long way from the big street, there are some pickle stores.
They sell pickles and foods which are specialty products of the city.
We ate Nameko Miso soup because it was free!
We also ate black soybean Manju.


Today, we enjoyed seeing autumn leaves,
but Tozen Temple is famous of weeping Sakura tree,
and Hondo Temple is famous of hydrangea, so it’s called Hydrangea temple.
We wanna go again to enjoy other seasons.


Actually, I post entries on Lang-8, too.
The entries are same as this blog’s entries, but sometimes someone corrects my English.
It is good way to correct my writing.

I often forget “the”, “a”, and “-s” because Japanese doesn’t have these words.
Japanese word don’t change depending on quantity.
It’s difficult for me to add “the”,”a”, or “-s” if I make a sentence about usual things.
For example, “Cars run on the roads”
It’s difficult for me to remember to add “-s”. Why is “the” necessary?

Anyway, I wanna improve my English.
If you can, please correct my writing on Lang-8.

My lang-8 : http://lang-8.com/570329

After I receive corrections, I edit my blog’s entries, too.

Revised: http://lang-8.com/570329/journals/290365298099668255068646880837198895756