My favorite recipe

Today, I gonna show you my favorite recipe in Cookpad.

Cookpad is Japanese web service. The users can upload their own recipe and can search it.
It’s handy, so I often use to decide the menu.

Teriyaki potato
Cut potato like cubes, and fry.
The source is Soi-sauce, sugar, mayonnaise, and pepper.
BTW, in Japan we can eat Teriyaki Burger in McDonald, and it is my favorite burger.
Teriyaki is great sauce!

Mille-feuille Nabe of Chinese cabbage and pork
Nabe is Japanese popular food for winter season.
Boil soup in the earthenware pot, and put the vegetable and meat into the earthenware pot.
There are many kinds of soup. For example, kimuchi, cheese, tomato, soi-sauce…
We put the earthenware pot on the table, take them as much as we want, and eat.
Many people surround one Nabe, and take, so our heart become warm. Of course, our body does too.
Then, this recipe uses only pork and Chinese cabbage, but this soup is delicious.
In addition, it looks beautiful. It’s good to enjoy Nabe with low cost.

Donburi of Avocado and pork
Donburi is Japanese rice food.
Put ingredients on the rice and add sauce.
Avocado and soi-sauce are fabulous combination.
Avocado is not Japanese vegetable, but this combination is so great.
That’s mysterious.

I love easy cooking, so these recipe are easy.
Please try them!