October 2016


We went to Nogeyama zoo, and bought cute suft toys.

-Volley ball

I got injured my feet, so I couldn’t play.
I need practice Serve.


Finally, I got 860 points on TOEIC!
I was really glad and will try get 900 points next time!


*New games & Rating:

  • Concordia 8/10I like this designer’s boardgames, and this game is easier to understand and play than other his games.

  •  Pandemic Iberia: 10/10

Awesome game!!
I think that it is really great game and add some changes from original Pandemic, and they are so cool.

  • Akron: 9/10

So interesting! I have to concentrate to figure out how they will move.

  • Volo: ?/10

It’s difficult moving pattern.
We had mistakes of rules, so I want to try again.

  • Callaish: 7/10

Moving is only like a Night of chess.
I’m not familiar to chess, so it’s hard to understand at first,
but after getting used to it, I enjoyed thinking how I will move and the opponent will move.

  • Glaisher: 7/10

    I don’t get used to this moving pattern, but if I can, it would be more interesting.

  • Xenon profiteer 7/10

    It looks complicated game, but it is not so much.
    I enjoyed to extract Xenon! haha
    For me this theme is really strange but fun.

We bought many games of nestorgames.
I do not know how many people like abstract boardgames.
I do not see the tweet of abstract board games so much, so I’m little sad.



I watched “PK” which is a movie from India. The movie’s theme is religion.
In Japan, people have the very unique thinking for religion.
I enjoyed the different between Japan and India.


New Haikyu series is amaizing.
Yuri on Ice is also cool.


Favorite songs



I uploaded the video on Youtube!


September 2016

I had 11 holidays around Silver Week.

-Events with friends

I met my friend’s friend from US and enjoyed. It’s difficult to explain about my job.

I met my friend from Singapore. We enjoyed an exhibition at Mori museum and animal cafes.

-Volley ball

I went to Gunma with teammates. It’s first time to spend a lot of time with them, so at first I was nervous, but I think we could become friends finally. I joined to this team this March, but I needed time to know each other.


I didn’t have lessons of DMM Online. I just studied for TOEIC. September 25th, I took TOEIC, and I think it’s pretty good. I’m waiting for the result.


*New games & Rating:

  •  Raptor: 6/10

It was fun but we played many times and found that it’s really hard to win by Raptor side, so it’s bad blance.

  • Caverna: 9/10

Super fun! We can do anything we want!

  • Marrakech: 7/10

Beautiful rags and easy system.

  • Sushi Go: 7/10

Nice idea. Draft system for Go around sushi. Easy card game.

  • PYLOS: 7/10

Good abstract.

We bought Caverna! airtoxin and I ordered Caverna at the same time. We didn’t know that each other. Usually, airtoxin buy boardgames and he tells me to buy games, but he didn’t do that about Caverna because he wanted to make me surprised. I canceled my order.

Before playing Cavrna at the first time, it takes time to understand the rule. However, if you played Agricora, it’s easy to get used to Cavrna. Cavrna is easier than Agricora, because Agricora is difficult to keep to feed and just need foods to survive. In Cavrna, we need to feed but we don’t have to stay focus only about that. We can do anything as we can. Just think what I want, and make a plan. Usually, I want to have many animals and try to have many animals!

Oh I joined “English boardgames” too. It was very fun, but I couldn’t explain about the rule so much. I cannot come up the words at an instance. I just need to practice to explain rules! I really enjoyed so I want to play boardgames in English again.


I watched “About Time” again. I really love this movie and it made me happy.
I watched “Kimi no na wa” in the theater. I am a fan of Shinkai Makoto, so I was surprised
at his new movie, because it was totally difference from other his movies. I just like his old style,a and I could not understand character feeling of Kimi no na wa. However, I was glad that Kimi no na wa is sold well.


I watched Danganronpa 3. It was so discusting anime, but I enjoyed.
My friend recommend the OP of Dangaronpa 3, so I started wathing it.


Favorite songs

-Video games

I finished playing “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” (HD).
It was awesome. There are so many new items and actions, so it made me exicited.
I highly recommend to play this game.
Also, I really want to play new Zelda!

I started playng “Call of Duty4: Modern Warfare”. It’s first time to play real FPS. (I play Splatoon, but I don’t feel it is real FPS)

My life style

Recently I move to a big apartment and I can decorate our rooms as I like.
This change made me changed. I want to keep my rooms cleaned, and cook dinner everyday.
Before moving, we have too many things and didn’t have enough space to store them, so I gave up to make tidy.
But now, we have enough space to store them, and I have enough money to collect decorate things.
Dreams come true, I’ve wanted decorate as I like, but I couldn’t.

When I started living by myself, I was a university student, so my mother took me to a 100yen store, and she said to me “Buy all necessary thing in here”. At that time, 100yen store didn’t have pretty things, so I just but necessary things.
I enjoy buying interior things now, but I already bought them too much!

So, I think that environment is important for me, but I also changed my thinking.

I love entertainment such as music, anime, movie, book. I used to think that touch entertainment makes me bright, so I spend much time to that, but now I don’t think that.
I used to be depressed, and I studied how to be happy, then I noticed.
“Happiness don’t come suddenly. Happiness piles a little by little every day. So, to live calmly and relax is important for us.”
After I noticed that, I tried to make every day count. I live with the precious person and try to create good time every day.
For that, to clean rooms and to cook are important I think.
I study and exercise every day, but they are not too much. I do not push myself.
My character is easy to be strict to me, so I used to be depressed.
Now, my life is satisfied.

These photos are dinner I made.


My 2014 was…

1. Bali
We went to Bali this summer.
It was our fabulous memory and the happiest time in my life.

2. Friends
I made special friends.
I wanna make good time next year with them.

3. Love
This year was really hard for me.
I tried to think about the good way many times, actually I still think now.
However, I believe that I will be happy here forever.

4. Self-improvement
Some reading helped me.
I know I am not strong, but I want to live happily, so just I study.
It makes me change, and I will be able to love myself more next year.

5. English
I got into the habit of studying English.

6. Job
I will just finish my second year on March, 2015.
I wanna praise me.

7. Hobby
I started some hobbies. Geochasheing, taking photo…

8. idolm@ster’s movie
It gave me power.

9. Interstellar
I wanna watch again and again.

10. Dorian Concept’s album and live
I can’t explain my feeling exactly, but if I remember his live, I can feel my life is shining.

My 2015 will be…

1. English
I wanna get 100 points more on TOEIC.

2. Moving
We will get a new room.

3. Song
I wanna make some songs and try collaboration.

Recently, I think “If I try to be happy, I can be happy”.
I will enjoy my life next year.


I started new hobby in the bignning of November. It is “Geocashing”!


Geocashing is the game of finding treasures which are hiding all over the world.
There are many treasures hided in Japan, too.

Register an account on the Geocashing official page, search the treasure by GPS.
There are many intresting treasures.
A treasure page includes discription and hint.
Many treasures are hided in little nice place where maybe we don’t know.

The treasure is not real treasure, but if you find it, you can understand this is the treasure you finding. The treasure is called “cashe” and almost cashes have log notes we can write date and name.

This is the one of cashes I found.

When I look for cashe, I use iPhone app. The app told me how long distance it takes between me and cashe.

Then, cashes are hided by Geocashing users, so I can hide and register a cashe on Geocashing official page, too.
If I hide a cashe, I have to maintenance sometimes.

I’m really keen on Geocashing now, so I’ve found cashes after work and weekend.
I like taking a walk and taking a photo, but if I don’t have any goals, it’s difficult for me to take a walk in unfamiliar place.
Therefore, I’ve found cashes with taking a walk and taking a photo.
Geocashing is really great hobby for me, and I recommend everyone.

Starting blog

I quit twitter.
Actually, I stop to watch Timeline on twitter.

There are many reasons, but I think that I spent a lot of time for twitter the past few years.
I met my special person and friends by chance on twitter, but recently I am tired to know what people do and think every time.
Of course, I wanna to continue being friends, but probably some people will drift apart.
This is natural.

Then, I try to express my thinking here in English.
I will spend my time for me from now on.
For studying, watching movie/drama/anime, making music…