Criminal Minds

Recently I have been watching “Criminal Minds,” an Americas drama series, and I really like it.
My mother who is keen on overseas dramas recommended “Criminal Minds”.

This drama follows the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) of the FBI.

The BAU is a team of profilers.
What is a profiler?
They can understand which kinds of people commit a crime on each case.
They analyze how the criminal killed people,  what the criminal think, and what the criminal like.
These analyze is called “profile”, so they are profiler.
Using a profile is great way to find the criminal.
The BAU arrestthe a vicious criminals.

The characters are attractive. I’ve watched to 2 series, but I heard a part of the characters will be changed.
I like Garcia(the rightmost woman), Dr. Spencer Reid (the cool third man from the right), and Hotchner (the second man from the right).

Garcia is PC Otaku and special hacker, so she can steal the criminal’s information.
Reid is really clever and have a tenacious memory.
Hotchner keeps calm and is a good boss. He can make decisions during dangerous situations.

Now, this show has 8 seasons.
Watching Criminal Minds is my current hobby.