In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “RSVP.”

I’m not familiar this word “RSVP”. I don’t have any chance to join parties so much. I think in Japan there is not so many parties. Chiristmas party, birthday party, wedding party…what else?

I love to go to clubs and sometimes we call the event of clubs “party”.

We use the word “party” (パーティ) in Japanese. It’s loanword. In Japanese, loanwords are written by Katakana, so I seem to think party should be western thing. I don’t call Japanese traditional celebration “party”. For example, new year’s day, Sixtieth birthday celebration.

I think we don’t call if we celebrate someting by only family, we don’t call it party. I don’t know why but party should invite someone, and we don’t have this culture so much.

However, I love to invite someone to my home. Recently, I invited friends to play boardgames. I call it boardgame party.

I like to make someone happy, so I like to invite people.

However, I don’t like to go someone’s home so much, because I think I should concern many things. Should I bring some snacks? Cakes? So, if I go tsomeone’s house, I want to go to good friends’s houses.