October 2016


We went to Nogeyama zoo, and bought cute suft toys.

-Volley ball

I got injured my feet, so I couldn’t play.
I need practice Serve.


Finally, I got 860 points on TOEIC!
I was really glad and will try get 900 points next time!


*New games & Rating:

  • Concordia 8/10I like this designer’s boardgames, and this game is easier to understand and play than other his games.

  •  Pandemic Iberia: 10/10

Awesome game!!
I think that it is really great game and add some changes from original Pandemic, and they are so cool.

  • Akron: 9/10

So interesting! I have to concentrate to figure out how they will move.

  • Volo: ?/10

It’s difficult moving pattern.
We had mistakes of rules, so I want to try again.

  • Callaish: 7/10

Moving is only like a Night of chess.
I’m not familiar to chess, so it’s hard to understand at first,
but after getting used to it, I enjoyed thinking how I will move and the opponent will move.

  • Glaisher: 7/10

    I don’t get used to this moving pattern, but if I can, it would be more interesting.

  • Xenon profiteer 7/10

    It looks complicated game, but it is not so much.
    I enjoyed to extract Xenon! haha
    For me this theme is really strange but fun.

We bought many games of nestorgames.
I do not know how many people like abstract boardgames.
I do not see the tweet of abstract board games so much, so I’m little sad.



I watched “PK” which is a movie from India. The movie’s theme is religion.
In Japan, people have the very unique thinking for religion.
I enjoyed the different between Japan and India.


New Haikyu series is amaizing.
Yuri on Ice is also cool.


Favorite songs



I uploaded the video on Youtube!


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