September 2016

I had 11 holidays around Silver Week.

-Events with friends

I met my friend’s friend from US and enjoyed. It’s difficult to explain about my job.

I met my friend from Singapore. We enjoyed an exhibition at Mori museum and animal cafes.

-Volley ball

I went to Gunma with teammates. It’s first time to spend a lot of time with them, so at first I was nervous, but I think we could become friends finally. I joined to this team this March, but I needed time to know each other.


I didn’t have lessons of DMM Online. I just studied for TOEIC. September 25th, I took TOEIC, and I think it’s pretty good. I’m waiting for the result.


*New games & Rating:

  •  Raptor: 6/10

It was fun but we played many times and found that it’s really hard to win by Raptor side, so it’s bad blance.

  • Caverna: 9/10

Super fun! We can do anything we want!

  • Marrakech: 7/10

Beautiful rags and easy system.

  • Sushi Go: 7/10

Nice idea. Draft system for Go around sushi. Easy card game.

  • PYLOS: 7/10

Good abstract.

We bought Caverna! airtoxin and I ordered Caverna at the same time. We didn’t know that each other. Usually, airtoxin buy boardgames and he tells me to buy games, but he didn’t do that about Caverna because he wanted to make me surprised. I canceled my order.

Before playing Cavrna at the first time, it takes time to understand the rule. However, if you played Agricora, it’s easy to get used to Cavrna. Cavrna is easier than Agricora, because Agricora is difficult to keep to feed and just need foods to survive. In Cavrna, we need to feed but we don’t have to stay focus only about that. We can do anything as we can. Just think what I want, and make a plan. Usually, I want to have many animals and try to have many animals!

Oh I joined “English boardgames” too. It was very fun, but I couldn’t explain about the rule so much. I cannot come up the words at an instance. I just need to practice to explain rules! I really enjoyed so I want to play boardgames in English again.


I watched “About Time” again. I really love this movie and it made me happy.
I watched “Kimi no na wa” in the theater. I am a fan of Shinkai Makoto, so I was surprised
at his new movie, because it was totally difference from other his movies. I just like his old style,a and I could not understand character feeling of Kimi no na wa. However, I was glad that Kimi no na wa is sold well.


I watched Danganronpa 3. It was so discusting anime, but I enjoyed.
My friend recommend the OP of Dangaronpa 3, so I started wathing it.


Favorite songs

-Video games

I finished playing “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” (HD).
It was awesome. There are so many new items and actions, so it made me exicited.
I highly recommend to play this game.
Also, I really want to play new Zelda!

I started playng “Call of Duty4: Modern Warfare”. It’s first time to play real FPS. (I play Splatoon, but I don’t feel it is real FPS)


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