My life style

Recently I move to a big apartment and I can decorate our rooms as I like.
This change made me changed. I want to keep my rooms cleaned, and cook dinner everyday.
Before moving, we have too many things and didn’t have enough space to store them, so I gave up to make tidy.
But now, we have enough space to store them, and I have enough money to collect decorate things.
Dreams come true, I’ve wanted decorate as I like, but I couldn’t.

When I started living by myself, I was a university student, so my mother took me to a 100yen store, and she said to me “Buy all necessary thing in here”. At that time, 100yen store didn’t have pretty things, so I just but necessary things.
I enjoy buying interior things now, but I already bought them too much!

So, I think that environment is important for me, but I also changed my thinking.

I love entertainment such as music, anime, movie, book. I used to think that touch entertainment makes me bright, so I spend much time to that, but now I don’t think that.
I used to be depressed, and I studied how to be happy, then I noticed.
“Happiness don’t come suddenly. Happiness piles a little by little every day. So, to live calmly and relax is important for us.”
After I noticed that, I tried to make every day count. I live with the precious person and try to create good time every day.
For that, to clean rooms and to cook are important I think.
I study and exercise every day, but they are not too much. I do not push myself.
My character is easy to be strict to me, so I used to be depressed.
Now, my life is satisfied.

These photos are dinner I made.


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