Difference between Japanese Splatoon & English Splatoon

I’m really into Splatoon now.
I play it in Japanese, but I found that there are so many differences between Japanese Splatoon & English Splatoon, so I want to show them.

At first, in Splatoon, the words are not just translated basically.
Japanese Splatoon uses many puns or rhymes and use words related with fish or Japanese culture,
and English Splatoon does not use these Japanese words. I think that Nintendo try to use familiar words for each user.

In this game, Squid is the main icon. In Japanese, Squid is イカ(ika).
There are the same pronounce words, so they appear in this game.
In English Splatoon use “Ink-redible”, in Japanese Splatoon use words like that very much.
e.x.  イカしてる – means very cool (Ink-redible)
イカす – means use something in good way

Then, I want to explain the details of differences.

  1. CharacterName
    The Squid Sisters
    The Squid Sisters called “シオカラーズ (Shiokara-zu)” in Japanese.
    シオカラ means 塩辛 which is Japanese meal. We eat with rice and Squid Siokara is very popular.

    (塩辛?) is a food in Japanese cuisine made from various marine animals that consists of small pieces of meat in a brown viscous paste of the animal’s heavily salted, fermented viscera. The raw viscera are mixed with about 10% salt, 30%malted rice, packed in a closed container, and fermented for up to a month.   (from wikipedia)

    So, Shiokara-zu means Shiokara-s, zu (s) is English -s (Plural form)

    Callie is called “アオリ(Aori)” in Japanese.
    Aori Ika (Aori Squid) is very popular squid in Japan, so Aori is a kind of squid name.

    Marie is called “ホタル(Hotaru)” in Japanese.
    Hotaru Ika (Hotaru Squid) is very popular squid in Japan, so Hotaru is a kind of squid name, too.
    Hotaru Squid is small Squid.

    Cap’n Cuttlefish
    Cap’n Cuttlefish is called “アタリメ司令 (Atarime Shirei) in Japanese.
    Shirei is Captain, so it is same. Atarime is Dried shredded squid, and it is very popular for eating with alcohol.
    There are so many kinds of dried shredded squid. Atarime is hard one, and Surume is soft one.

    Jelenzo is called “エチゼン(Echizen)” in Japanese.
    Echizen Kurage (Echizen Jerryfish) is a kind of Jerryfish.
    Japanese do not eat this Jerryfish, but sometimes too many Echizen Jerryfish appear,
    so we hear the name on TV news.

    Sheldon is called “ブキチ(Bukichi)” in Japanese.
    This name is not related with fish name.
    In Japanese, weapon is 武器(Buki) and 吉(kichi) is old popular name for man,
    so just mixed Buki and Kichi.

    Crusty Sean
    Crusty Sean is called “ロブ(lob)” in Japanese.
    He is a lobster so lob.

    Annie is called “アネモ(Anemo)” in Japanese.
    She is a Sea Anemone, so Anemo.

  2. Weapon
    Almost weapons are same names, but I want to talk about some weapons.

    Splattershot Jr.
    Splattershot Jr. is called “わかばシューター(Wakaba Shooter)”.
    Wakaba means green leaf which is a young leaf,
    so it shows also a beginner, like Jr.
    In Japan, Wakaba is also used for the symbol of biggner car drivers.

    Custom Splattershot Jr.
    Custom Splattershot Jr. is called “もみじシューター(Momiji Shotter).
    Momiji means red leaf maple which is old leaf,
    so it shows also not beginner.
    In Japan, Momiji is also used for the symbol for old car drivers.

    Rainmaker is called Gachi-Hoko.
    In Japanese, Ranked Battle is called Gachi Battle.
    Gachi is a slang and means serious.Hoko is taken from Shachi-Hoko.This is Shachi-Hoko.
    Yes! This is the rainmaker’s weapon.This is a decor on the Japanese castle.
    Can you see the gold Shachi-Hoko?

  3. Stage
    In Japanese, the stage names are made by two words.
    The front one is just name and sometimes it is fish name.
    The back one shows place and this is almost same between Japanese and English.

    Arowana Mall /Japanese: アロワナモール (Exactly same name)

    Blackbelly Skatepark / Japanese: Bバスパーク(B-bass park)
      I heard B-bass means Blackbass (Micropterus) which is fish name.

    Bluefin Depot / Japanese: ネギトロ炭鉱 (Negitoro Tanko)
      Negitoro is one of Sushi. Tanko is coal mine.

    Camp Triggerfish /Japanese: モンガラキャンプ場 (Mongara Camp jo)
    Mongara is a fish name and same as Triggerfish. (I don’t know the details.)

    Flounder Heights /Japnaese: ヒラメヶ丘団地 (Hirame ga oka danchi)

    Hirame is Flounder fish, but there are another fish in Japan whichi is Karei.
    This is Hirame.
    This is Karei.
    Almost same!? haha!
    But Hirame is more expensive and Karei is popular for family dinner.

    Kelp Dome / Japanese: モズク農園 (Mozuku Nouen)

    Mozuku is kelp but it is one of kelp. Japanese eat many seawood, so there are so many words.

    Moray Towers / Japanese: タチウオパーキング (Tachiuo Parking)
    I think Moray is not Tachiuo…
    Moray is Utsubo in Japanese I think.

    This is Moray (Utsubo).

    This is Tchiuo. (In English Largehead hairtail or beltfish)

    Port Mackerel / Japanese: ホッケふ頭 (Hokke Futo)
    Mackerel is Saba in Japanese.

    This is Mackerel (Saba)

    This is Hokke. (In English Okhotsk atka mackerel)

    These fish’s grill with salt are very good.

    Hokke’s grill with salt

    Saltspray Rig / Japanese: シオノメ油田 (Shionome Yuden)
    Almost same meaning

    Urchin Underpass / Japanese: デカライン高架下 (Deka line Koukashita)
    Deka line is big line. Koukashita is Underpass. I don’t know why they call “Urchin”
    but the rhythm is good.

    Walleye Warehouse / Japanese: ハコフグ倉庫 (Hakofugu Souko)
    Hakofugu is Ostraciidae fish.
    Hakofugu is one of Fugu. Fugu is really expensive and delicious fish in Japan.

    I think Japanese eat fishes so much, so fish names familiar for us, but English fish names are not familiar for other countries because they do not eat name kinds of fish.
    Fish is important for Japanese meal! If you come to Japan, let’s try many fishes!


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4 thoughts on “Difference between Japanese Splatoon & English Splatoon”

  1. Hello, I found this article via Google when I had the sudden thought “Splatoon is based on a pun on the English word Platoon, I wonder what they call it in Japan?”
    You don’t mention the name of the game in Japan, but Wiki says it is called Supuratūn – do Japanese people get the pun? If they localised all the other puns, why not that one – do you have any insights?

    Anyway, interesting article, I will check out the rest of your site, thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Thank you for reading. The game name is same. We call “Splatoon”. It’s only word in Splatoon which uses English pun. Splatoon was created by “Splat” plus “Platoon”. I guess Nintendo think it’s good to use same name all over the world.

      Thank you for your comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Interesting, thanks for the answer. I guess having the same name worldwide makes it easier in terms of marketing and branding, etc!
        (Thinking about it more, this is true for other games. For example, Bayonetta is another pun on an English word that is unchanged globally. So, not uncommon.)

        Liked by 1 person

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