My 2014 was…

1. Bali
We went to Bali this summer.
It was our fabulous memory and the happiest time in my life.

2. Friends
I made special friends.
I wanna make good time next year with them.

3. Love
This year was really hard for me.
I tried to think about the good way many times, actually I still think now.
However, I believe that I will be happy here forever.

4. Self-improvement
Some reading helped me.
I know I am not strong, but I want to live happily, so just I study.
It makes me change, and I will be able to love myself more next year.

5. English
I got into the habit of studying English.

6. Job
I will just finish my second year on March, 2015.
I wanna praise me.

7. Hobby
I started some hobbies. Geochasheing, taking photo…

8. idolm@ster’s movie
It gave me power.

9. Interstellar
I wanna watch again and again.

10. Dorian Concept’s album and live
I can’t explain my feeling exactly, but if I remember his live, I can feel my life is shining.

My 2015 will be…

1. English
I wanna get 100 points more on TOEIC.

2. Moving
We will get a new room.

3. Song
I wanna make some songs and try collaboration.

Recently, I think “If I try to be happy, I can be happy”.
I will enjoy my life next year.


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