Annoying or downright inconvenient thing in Japan


I read raddit and I found “To those currently living or who have lived in Japan, what is the most annoying or downright inconvenient thing you’ve experienced or experience on a daily basis?

It looks interesting because Japan is popular country on the Internet I think, and people always envy and praise our culture.
I guess the articles I read only picked up these good things, and they are not new thing for me because I love Japan too,
and these articles show our beautiful culture and I know they are beautiful.
Therefore, annoying thing are little interesting for me.

I didn’t read all comments, but these things are annoying for them.
・ATM doesn’t work on holiday and night
・Walking isn’t easy
・To treat as “foreigner(Gaijin)”
・about trash

Yeah, I can understand your feeling. These things are not for only “Gaijin”!
I know that it isn’t useful, but I just got used to.
I think that “しょうがない(it can’t be helped)”.

Oh, I found that Japanese people tend to say “しょうがない(It can’t be helped)” and it makes them annoying!
They think we gave up easily, but I don’t think so.
Japanese tend to think peace is important. I don’t want to haggle because it’s waste of time and strength.
On the other hand, I heard American explain their opinion always, because there are many kinds of people and they have own culture, so if they don’t show their opinion, they can’t know each other.
Japan is an island, and almost people who live in Japan are Japanese, and we don’t show our opinion so much in our culture.
In addition, “しょうがない” includes positive meanings, too.
It means “If you care about this and it makes you annoying, it’s waste of time. Please relax and forget this.
Sometimes, there is thing we can’t change. Take easy.”
I like this thinking, because we have different sense of values and have to recognize other thinking.
I know these are many annoying things, and if it’s changed, our life would become better,
but our world is not perfect, and I should be happy in this world.
Of course, If I think I should complain and try to change, I will do, but I often accept “しょうがない” things.
However, perhaps my thinking make Japanese old bad customs and rules remain.

I know to treat as “Gaijin” is not good, but if Gaijin knows about Japan well and love Japanese culture, it makes me glad.
Probably, they feel discrimination when they hear “you can use chopstick!? wow! Great!” and so on…and I can understand how annoy is, but maybe I will say the same thing because I don’t go out with “Gaijin” usually, and don’t get used to.
However, I will try not to make them annoying.

Oh, my story goes far away, anyway I will show interesting comments I found.

About snot

When people have a cold they never blow their nose, instead, every 10 seconds they will snort like a pig mid-orgasm. That really ruffles my feathers.

-I have read it is a cultural sensibilities thing. It is more rude to blow your nose in public rather than snort.

-Sometimes I couldn’t help it, so I just played the Gaijin Card and did it anyway.

-I love playing that card when it suits me.
goes like this “OH look, no room on the train, guess I will chill in the ladies car. Helloooo ladies. What? Wrong car? Well this is my stop thanks.”

She thinks Gaijin is from the space

I almost lost my mind the other day when I showed a co-worker a picture of snow from my hometown in the US and she literally said すごい、同じ雪だ

I literally did not know how to respond lol.

Saying “it’s cold” and “it’s hot”

Everyone is soooooooo dramatic about the weather! I can’t go into work without one of the first things I hear being “寒いね!” Listen, dude, if you stop complaining about the weather so much, you’ll stop thinking about it so much, and you won’t be as cold. Christ. Same thing in summer with it being hot.

First one, about snot, I’ve got used to that, so I don’t feel about that, and I blow my nose in the public sometimes.
If you can’t help your nose, you should blow your nose, I think.
Second one makes me shock!! HOW STUPID SHE WAS!? She think the guy is from the space!? I’m sorry this guy…
I’ve thought the same as third one, but I can’t stop say “it’s cold”, or ” it’s hot”. In Japan we have four seasons every year, but I forget how hot summer is, and how cold winter is! haha
Actually, I don’t forget and I know, but there is big difference of temperature between summer and winter, so I feel summer is really really hot and winter is really really cold!
Moreover, I just wanna talk with somebody, I choose the topic of weather because it’s common topic.
I wonder why American people say “How are you” every time. However, I guess they wanna just talk. Our talking about weather is same as “How are you”, I think.

This thread is interesting, but it also makes me sad…so I can’t read all comments.
I know there are many countries and cultures in the world, so it’s important thing is enjoying other cultures.
Different things sometimes make me disgusting and annoying, but I want to accept them.


海外の2ちゃんねるのような掲示板Radditで”To those currently living or who have lived in Japan, what is the most annoying or downright inconvenient thing you’ve experienced or experience on a daily basis?” というスレを見つけました。

















アメリカ人がなんで毎回”How are you?”って言うのかなって思うんですけど、ただ話したいだけなんだろうなって思います。天気についての話は”How are you?”と同じような意味かなって感じますね。



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