Why do Japanese people pray?

Today, I wanna talk about Japanese religion.
My kinder garden was Christian, and my high school was Buddhist,
however I haven’t studied about the history of Japanese religion.
Therefore, something is wrong perhaps.

Almost Japanese people don’t believe in any religion.
I don’t have my religion, too.

However, almost Japanese people pray at shrines and temple.
I consider about that.

In ancient time, Japanese believed there were many gods in the world.
For example, god of the mountain, god of the river, god of the big stone, god of the big tree, so on.
These thinking create 神道”Shinto”, so there are many shrines in Japan.

However, Buddhism came to Japan. Buddhism was created by Buddha in India.
People built many temples, and Japanese people create own Buddhism.
Then, Shinto and Buddhism were mixed in Japan.

These history made our culture, so there are many shrines and temples in Japan.
Japanese people have prayed at shrines and temples.

We don’t know about the teaching of Buddha and the teaching of Shinto.
but to pray at shrines and temples are our custom.
We just protect our custom and our culture.

Is it strange?
Do you think that any teaching help us, and the god lead us the right way?

Actually, we have “道徳”morality.
We have Morality class in our primary school.

This class taught us “Think about the feeling of other people”, “Say thank you, if people help you”.
These things are natural, but important.

Almost Japanese people think that “there is not the god”,
but if people hear “お天道さまが見てる” (The god of sun always watch you),
they think that they can’t do any bad conduct.
This means that do not do any bad conduct even if anybody watch you because the god of sun always watch you.
However, I think that it also means “Your conscience will not forgive your bad conduct”.

In addition, many Japanese people do not believe “ghost”, I think,
but many people do not want to go to the haunted place.
I also do not want, because 触らぬ神に祟りなし. (it means that if you do not touch the god, he won’t be angry)

People do not believe any supernatural things because they are not scientific,
but we do not want any curse, so it is good not to do any bad conduct.

When we go to shrines and temples, if we didn’t pray, we have a feeling that we do bad conduct.
I don’t know why, but we always pray at shrines and temples, so we feel like that, maybe.

Japanese culture have been imported other cultures and mixed.
Now, we pray at shrines on a new year, and held a wedding at churches, and held a funeral with Buddhism style.
These things seem to be ceremony or festival.
We enjoy many styles and think that the custom and traditional things are important.

Japanese people don’t have any religion, but I think that we have Japanese style which help us and make us happy.


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