FUJI-Q Highland

We went to FUJI-Q Highland on Nov. 22.
We went there last year, too, so this was the second time.

FUJI-Q Highland is the scarest amusument
park. It’s near Mt.FUJI.

Last year, we didn’t ride many roller coasters. There are four very scary roller coasters in FUJI-Q Highland. They are FUJIYAMA, TAKABISHA, DODONPA, and Eejanaika. we rode on only “FUJIYAMA”, and it was too scary for me, so I didn’t wanna ride again.
I like roller coasters, but FUJIYAMA was terribly scary.

Therefore, I was a little nervous this time.
However, I really enjoyed FUJI-Q Highland.
We couldn’t go to the “Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear”, so I wanna try someday.

We rode on these attractions.
Hide-and-Seek in the Forest
Red Tower

We enjoyed ice-skating, too.

DODONPA is too fast a roller coaster.
It goes up to 172 km/h (111 mph) in a mere 1.8 sec. Before I rode on it, I was really nervous, but it was not scary!
However, starting with 172km/h is beyond imagination. I thought “my body will be left behind” at the start.
Only people who have ridden on DODONPA can feel and understand this.
I got used to the speed in 3 seconds, and after the start, the wind and the speed were comfortable. There is drop of 90° in the course, but it was short and speedy, so it was not scary!

Then, we rode on FUJIYAMA, too. I did’t wanna ride on it because last year I had thought “Almost died”, so I was too nervous.
Before riding, I searched the way to reduce fear on rollercoasters.

I found the following things.

less fear
– raise hands
– stand firm
– see ahead and know what will happen
– before falling, say to myself “I’m going to fall, I’m going to fall”
-Sit up straight.

– close eyes
– look down
– sit hunched

I did “scarier” things before, but I didn’t feel them make things scarier!
I tried “less fear” things (but I couldn’t raise my hands), then FUJIYAMA was not scary!!Human are scared of things they do not know, so it is good to know what happens and know what will happen on a rollercoaster!

On Nov.22, it was so nice weather, so please look my photos.

Red Tower (Free fall)
My friends said “Red Tower was the scariest”


We didn’t ride on.
When the coaster comes on the top, you can see Mt. Fuji and then fall.


You can see Mt. FUJI, too.


FUJIYAMA with illumination


I really enjoyed FUJI-Q!

I wanna try Takabisha the less scary way.

BTW, I think Eejanaika is not a roller coaster which humans can ride on!!
You can see Eejanaika on this youtube movie.
Feet are hanging, and the track turns, but the seats spin. It is unbelievable.
I will not able to ride on Eejanaika ever, but my boyfriend wants to try it ;(

Revised: http://lang-8.com/570329/journals/46588634840719967807986162993412247290


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