Okonomiyaki and huge Kakigori

We went to Okonomiyaki restaurant, “Yagura” .

I really like Monjayaki. The first time I ate Monjayaki is this January. I had thought Monjayaki is same as Okonomiyaki.

I wanted to eat Monjayaki, so I went to there, but Yagura’s Okonomiyaki was great. Of course, I also ate Monjayaki, but this Okonomiyaki was great. It was spongy. How to make Okonomiyaki was showen, and it says “put on iron plate, make 2 cm thin”. I hadn’t made Okonomiyaki with 2 cm thick. It is very thick.
However, I think this way have Yagura’s Okonomiyaki delicious.

Then, Yagura’s Kakigori is popular, too.
It was huge.

This ice was soft. It is not same as other Kakigori.

Yagura is near Kameari station.
Let’s try it!


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