I started new hobby in the bignning of November. It is “Geocashing”!

Geocashing is the game of finding treasures which are hiding all over the world.
There are many treasures hided in Japan, too.

Register an account on the Geocashing official page, search the treasure by GPS.
There are many intresting treasures.
A treasure page includes discription and hint.
Many treasures are hided in little nice place where maybe we don’t know.

The treasure is not real treasure, but if you find it, you can understand this is the treasure you finding. The treasure is called “cashe” and almost cashes have log notes we can write date and name.

This is the one of cashes I found.

When I look for cashe, I use iPhone app. The app told me how long distance it takes between me and cashe.

Then, cashes are hided by Geocashing users, so I can hide and register a cashe on Geocashing official page, too.
If I hide a cashe, I have to maintenance sometimes.

I’m really keen on Geocashing now, so I’ve found cashes after work and weekend.
I like taking a walk and taking a photo, but if I don’t have any goals, it’s difficult for me to take a walk in unfamiliar place.
Therefore, I’ve found cashes with taking a walk and taking a photo.
Geocashing is really great hobby for me, and I recommend everyone.


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